Coffee pods ESE 44 mm - 100% Arabica blend

Coffee pods ESE - Caffetteria blend 100% Arabica

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Coffee pods ESE 44 mm Caffetteria blend 100% Arabica 

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Caffetteria 100% is the line for coffee purists, obtained by five selected components of Arabica species coffee from Central and South America and East Africa.

Its intense toasted aroma is accompanied by a combination of slightly fruity flavours in which you can perceive notes of myrtle.

The same blend that we supply to bars that ask us the real Neapolitan coffee and Italian espresso. The Pod contains all the experience needed to get a great cup of Italian espresso coffee: perfect dosing, grinding and pressing.

To taste a good coffee at home, but also ideal for caterers who, not having a request of coffee comparable to those of a bar, still want to serve an excellent espresso.

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